Lybover METAL (Hafibo) makes ergonomic, stable and safe platforms for multinational PepsiCo.

6 04 2020 Hafibo

Lybover METAL (Hafibo) makes ergonomic, stable and safe platforms for multinational PepsiCo Tropicana in Zeebrugge, a division of the American multinational PepsiCo, that has been in existence for 15 years.

Just like Lybover METAL (Hafibo), PepsiCo attaches great importance to safety. That is why they developed a platform to take samples from trucks in a safe, stable and ergonomic way. No less than 40,000,000 litres of fruit juice arrive in the port of Zeebrugge by boat every 3 weeks. In addition, fruit juice is also delivered with trucks. The fruit juices arriving with trucks are checked before unloading. For this purpose Tropicana employees have to go on top of the truck and take samples. To make this safer and more ergonomic, they contacted Hafibo. METAL Hafibo designed one platform. The platforms are secured with a lock and can only be accessed with permission of operator PepsiCo. There are five possible entrances to the truck via yellow gates. The cage ladder slides in front of the desired yellow gate and is then folded down. In this way samples can be taken very safely and you do not have to go up via a slippery and often wet ladder of the truck. This can prevent many accidents. A total of three trucks can be checked at the same time. The platform is suitable for all types of trucks. In the processing department (processing) the different types of juice are mixed and then pasteurised. After the pasteurisation, the juices enter the filling department. Here a part is packed in bricks and a part in PET bottles.

"Lybover METAL (Hafibo) met all the technical, commercial and legal conditions and came out best for PepsiCo".

Tropicana Zeebrugge belongs to the PepsiCo group of companies, one of the largest food concerns in the world. PepsiCo is active worldwide in the field of food and beverages. It produces and sells a wide variety of carbonated and so-called non-carbonated drinks. Furthermore, the company makes salts, confectionery and cereal snacks. Tropicana Zeebrugge was founded in 2003 and has more than 250 employees.

Project leaders : Stijn Scherpereel (Lybover METAL / Hafibo) & Marc Vanneste ( PepsiCo).

“ Lybover METAL (Hafibo) is a technical, high-quality company that responds flexibly to our questions and requirements".



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