Lybover launches a uniform visual brand

6 04 2020 Hafibo

In 33 years, the Boels family has expanded its business from a one-man business to a group of companies with almost 200 employees. They now have 7 niche companies in their portfolio, all of which are SMEs that profile themselves one by one as specialists in the search for a tailor-made industrial solution for the customer. In order to profile all this clearly to the outside world, it was decided to enter the market under a single image, clearly indicating that all activities will be further developed under the Lybover umbrella.

"With our Lybover group we want to create extra opportunities and attract new employees", says Hans and Filip Boels.

From now on, the Lybover group consists of six Business Units (the former names in brackets):

  • RECYCLING: Machines and installations for dry separation techniques (BULK .ID)
  • METAL: Sheet metal working, construction works and industrial pipelines in both steel and stainless steel. (Hafibo - Hafinox)
  • AIR: Industrial dedusting plants. (Keller Lufttechnik Benelux - Keller France - Luksal)
  • FIRE: Fire compartmentation and smoke and heat exhaust systems for underground car parks and buildings (Keller Benelux)
  • INSTALLATION: Assembly and service activities (Lybotech)
  • BULK: Installations for storage and transport of bulk goods (Motogroup - site Bruges)

On the wings of engineering
In order to add more strength and clarity to this evolution, we started looking for a new logo that radiates the mission, vision and values of the companies. The new corporate identity is also in line with the evolution that the company itself has gone through over the past 10 years: a search for simplicity. This translated into both a brand new corporate identity and a new website:

An eagle was chosen because the characteristics of an eagle match the DNA of the employees and their corresponding working method:

  • EXPERT: expertise, competence, leadership
  • LONGTERM PARTNERSHIP: teamwork, collaboration
  • RELIABLE: reliability, stability, correctness
  • DEDICATED: energy, passion, appetite, perseverance, pride, pride
  • DYNAMIC: dynamic, flexible, creative, solution-oriented, fast, eager to learn

Lybover's baseline "On the wings of engineering" makes it immediately clear what the strength of the business group is and what connects the various Business Units.

Each Business Unit carries its own Lybover logo and colour. Hafibo will be housed in the Business Unit "Metal".


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