3D scanning at customer Rosier

30 03 2020 Hafibo

Rosier the perfect example of a 3D scanning project.

Lybover METAL is leading this project from A to Z thanks to 3D scanning and engineering.

Rosier has been contributing to the improvement of agricultural yields for almost a century. The artificial fertilizers Rosier produces for this purpose consist mainly of nitrogen, phosphate, potassium and sulphur. These basic raw materials can be supplemented with additional trace elements, depending on the soil and crop type. Rosier Nederland B.V. in Sas van Gent (NL) is a fertilizer producer, a 100% subsidiary of the Belgian Rosier S.A. and is part of the fertilizer branch of the Austrian Borealis AG. The production plant specializes in the production of "custom-made" fertilizers for the customer. The products are sold all over the world through agricultural cooperatives and the fertilizer trade.

For the difficult projects that need to be prepared and worked out in detail, Rosier has been working with Lybover METAL for many years. We were asked to renew their existing channels. These channels are connected to cyclones that are used to purify the air from the dust that is present during the various production processes. It was important that the production downtime was kept very short. In order to guarantee fire safety, no welding or grinding was allowed and a risk analysis and a written project approach were required so that assembly could be carried out in a very safe manner. In other words, the project had to be engineered and prepared down to the last detail. In order to meet these requirements, Lybover METAL used 3D scanning. Due to the detailed pre-engineering that followed, we were able to meet the above requirements.


The existing installation was mapped by means of a point cloud. This point cloud contains several tens of millions of point measurements of the existing situation. In this point cloud the new channels were drawn using our 3D drawing software. After consultation with the customer regarding the production and welding details, all new (axis) symmetrical channels were custom made in our own production. Welding these pieces on site is often very difficult. But because we were able to make the pieces in our production facility with an ideal welding position, we delivered high-quality welds.

Lybover METAL succeeded in converting the existing installation in one week because all parts fit together perfectly. The use of fittings was not even necessary. Once again, the combination of 3D scanning and a detailed project approach with a focus on engineering, prefabrication, safety and quality ensures that the customer can enjoy a perfect project progress in addition to a lower cost price.